It’s fear based narcissism, the relentless Euro American obsession with themselves and African Americans. As First Nations peoples, we know that when we are murdered on our own lands by our colonizers that there won’t be any headlines or political angst about us. Because it’s not really about justice or human rights, it’s all about European Americans and who they fear the most. Sadly, the day will come when all the carefully crafted and promoted white vs black and liberal vs conservative and rich vs poor and old immigrant vs new immigrant and MSNBC vs Fox News distractions will fade, and then everyone in the place they now call America will wake up surrounded by their military and finally understand how it feels to be Indian…

27. November 2014 by admin
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  1. Hi Gary, I fully agree with you, it was good to have spoken to you again. I will get you in touch with the Monsignor in dingle, I mentioned you to him when I visited their institute of spirituality

  2. Hi.

    I think you are right! Will send you an e-mail and hope you respond and send me an answere.

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