AFRI Choctaw Famine Landscape Project

In 1847, ordinary Choctaw people donated $170 dollars to victims of An Gorta Mor, Ireland’s Great Hunger.
The writer and social justice advocate Don Mullan has referred to the Choctaw donation to Famine Ireland as “One poor, dispossesed nation reaching out to help another.”

I’ve often been asked to help rekindle this link, frequently to raise consciousness about world hunger issues.

Action from Ireland (Afri) is a Dublin based humanitarian and social justice organization that keeps alive the Irish-Choctaw Famine link through a much larger agenda of food sovereignty, solidarity and human rights advocacy, whose aims and programs I support.

Through Concern Worldwide, Afri received seed monies for the AFRI Choctaw Famine Landscape Project to help commemorate An Gorta Mor, Ireland’s Great Starvation, as well as to heal through remembering, to advocate food sovereignty, and to stand in solidarity with those who still suffer from want of food and lack of social justice. I am privileged to be engaged in such work.