About writing, I can say that while father painted, my mother liked to write, although neither of them wrote or painted for a living. Maybe predictably, I wanted to both paint and write and so when I was small I thought it would be cool to write a book and illustrate it, which I’ve now done.

I’ve never taken a creative writing course, nor am I well read. Like some of my cousins, I’ve mostly been good at pondering fast food menus for literary content. I haven’t read many of the great First Nations writers, either. Not really. Those would be the ones you’d have to discuss on the way to getting a degree. But I have read some Ernest Hemmingway and some Kurt Vonnegut and I like their clean and evocative styles.

cover touched by thunder

I was lucky that anyone wanted to publish a book with me I think, especially on the first submission, which has happened twice with the same manuscript. I am also lucky to have my much acclaimed writer friend, Emer Martin, as editor of a novel that I’m finishing. In writing as in painting, you can lose your place. Suddenly you look up from what you’re working on and it’s dark again and you wonder how that could have happened.

(Touched by Thunder is published by LeftCoast Press, Walnut Grove, California and by Currach Press, Dublin, Republic of Ireland)



Touched by Thunder is the reflections of a Renaissance man out of time – a spiritual seeker in an often heartless secular world. It’s a book of yarns and tall tales and is, above all, a fascinating read. Waylon Gary White Deer, an artist and writer of the Choctaw Nation, connected with Ireland in 1992 when the Choctaw famine donation came to light. In swirling, fast-paced prose, White Deer recounts his personal journey from a tough childhood through to his time in Ireland’s Celtic Tiger years with wit, some sadness, and keen social and historical observation.

Hot Press Magazine, Helena Mulkerns.


However you wish to view the perspectives given in this book, it is undeniably a very unique and interesting memoir with a whole host of characters that will surprise and delight you. Not least is the author himself, whose voice resonates with humour, empathy, deep spirit and a call to remember who we are.

The Southern Star, Aisling Meath.


Touched by Thunder is not a usual memoir, nor is White Deer a usual person… His is the first indigenous memoir that truly captures the drama, the laughter, the wit, dangers, gifts and complexities of being a native person of our generation. 

Joy Harjo, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Native Writers Circle of the Americas.


Touched by Thunder is a good book and you should like, buy it.

Waylon Gary White Deer. Author, Touched by Thunder.



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